Get to know us

Meet Soph: She is a spunky born and raised Aussie. She loves adventures, laughing and being home in bed by 9pm.  Anything active is up her ally- beach walks, mountain hikes or playing a sport you can count her there! She loves all things fitness and living a healthy lifestyle (most days) A typical ‘Soph’ week looks like hitting the gym at least 6 days a week plus outdoor activities. She is always looking for new cafés and places to explore. For her one syllable name she uses big words often and tells the best stories! On a Friday night you can except to find her smashing out an end of the week workout or enjoying a night out with a few of her closest friends- but still home by 9pm.  She loves her weekends and fills them with catching up with friends, writing, drinking coffee and recharging before the week.

Her favourite foods are chicken and eggs and if you ever want to make her day with  a coffee she drinks a flat white (flatty as she would say).

Soph lives a full life with working full time, doing full time Uni while still making time for hobbies and people.

Meet Amanda: