For the first time- x3

Try something (or three things) new for the heck of it….

Your body is designed to support your daily activities. From early mornings, late nights high stress jobs/situations to traveling the world your body wants to keep up with you!  Create habits that you can keep up with rather then ones that can’t keep up with you. In whatever stage of life you find yourself it might be easy to say ‘I’ll do it later.’ Can I just say, later is now. There is no later. You have today. What you fuel your body, mind and soul with is now.

For the longest time I’ve thought about trying three highly recommended superfoods.  So, I did. I tried 3 new things.

The first…. Seaweed. Yep. I’ve definitely never been one of those earthy people who chomp on seaweed and think it’s all that. Fact is I don’t love it. When I took my first bite I felt like Ariel from the little mermaid- I imagine her sitting at the bottom of the ocean sadden by her in ability to walk on land wallowing in her woes by eating salty green paper that makes her mouth pucker. Well, at least the imagery helps me chew and swallow. In actuality Seaweed is a superfood that is divine for our bodies! Since snacking on this salty green paper I have felt more energized and alive. Less bloated and not as hungry.

Next, I decided to try Bone Broth… I know what you’re thinking… like broth your Grandma use to make when she came to town?! Yes & no. Yes, it could be the broth from the bones of soup that Grandma makes. No, because there are a few factors that go into the nutrients and benefits of bone broth. What you should know: It’s high in grass fed protein and rich in minerals to support immunity and adrenals, plus contains healing compounds such as collagen and glutamine that can help with joint healthy as well as improving digestive healthy and reduce inflammation. (Vitamin B and Calcium) Enough of the boring details what you really want to know about is the taste… Yeah. So, not the greatest ever. If you are expecting the hot chocolate looking warm beverage to taste creamy and delicious think otherwise… it’s plain. Bland. Not at all salty. Up side is you can put it in smoothies and you won’t even be able to taste it! Add to soups or have it by itself. I have thoroughly been enjoying a glass of bone broth with my lunch and have noticed a remarkable difference in all of the above researched benefits. Wahoo!

Finally, I decided to try coconut kefir. I was planning on trying normal Kefir, however when I got to the health food store the lady fully convinced me what I really wanted was the coconut one… The jury is still out on that… I’m not a huge coconut fan so we’ll see how this goes. Anyway, I picked up the small blue and white bottle of high probiotic goodness and went on my way. The next morning I had 1 tbsp. on an empty stomach as the nice lady at the store suggested. It is a superfood that has magnesium, Vitamin B12, calcium, folate, biotin, enzymes and probiotics. It’s most well known benefits include: Boost Immunity, Heal Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Build Bone Density, Fight Allergies, Improve Lactose Digestion, Kill Candida, Support Detoxification. (These are just to name a few)

There you have it! 3 new things. Tried and totally worth it. What have you been wanting to try?

For further information on Kefir see:


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