Starting Small

When 0-100 real quick is not a thing

If you know me at all you’d probably call me a gym junkie. Nowadays I train 6-7 times a week with one rest day. But I definitely didn’t become one overnight. So often you hear about people who get motivated to be fit and healthy and happy (YAY WINS) so they sign up to gym, run on the treadmill a few times in the first week, incorrectly try and figure out how to use some of the gym equipment and then stop going because they don’t see any results, aren’t having fun and don’t know what they’re doing.  Fair enough. I did the same thing.

I think I had my gym member ship for 3 years before I actually started going regularly. In those 3 years, I maybe went four-times a year. *CRINGE please don’t judge me, my bank balance already did. Then I figured out how to make training fun. So here’s my top tips on how to slowly build up a workout routine that works for you.

and get someone to teach you

Everyone starts off as a rookie at the beginning. It’s actually a great place to because you can learn how to do things the right way and you won’t feel bad for putting your hand up and asking questions.

How you ask…?

  •      Try a PT, even if only for a few sessions to help clarify what activities will work for you and your goals
  •      Go to a class. Instructors will help you get your form right and you’ll get to try stacks of new moves. If you like them you can add them to your own plans later.
  •      Workout plan apps. There is so many great ones that can put you through a workout for whatever your gym level and will teach you how to get killer form and results. Some of my faves include Nike NTC (FREE), The Robards Method, Sweat w Kayla and Fitner (Legs by Lauren)
  •      Join a team. Whether you’re keen on sport or something solo like running there is plenty of teams and clubs out doing the same thing as you, do it with them. If running’s your thing then Nike do weekly Run Clubs for free somewhere close to you. See more here.

and start off slowly

If you have never trained before then the worst possible thing you can do is start off by pushing hard every day. You will wear your body out, lose motivation and feel like a failure when you miss a day. Your training plan is pretty much the same as your form when you consider the way it is developed.

Think about training to do a muscle up. A muscle starts off like a pull up where you proceed to lift your body weight above the bar. If you have never trained before and you attempt one you a) may injure yourself b) will definitely fail. You will need to first develop your back, arm and lat strength using weights, then work on getting a pull up, then proceeding to the muscle up.

Same with your training routine. If you start off hard everyday heavy lifting and intense cardio you will a) be in lots of pain and b) lose all your motivation. Instead, start going once a week and doing something you enjoy. Then progress to a few times a week and then find a goal you’ll have to work towards, whether it be running a half marathon or squatting your body weight. Whatever.

you’ll feel great about yourself and who doesn’t want that

I’m a super goals based person and when I don’t feel like I’m winning I lose motivation. If you’re starting out make some goals for yourself that are doable. The little wins will help you stick out the workouts that leave you unable to walk the next day.

How you ask…?

  •      Reach the top of the rock climbing wall
  •      Run 1 or 5km
  •      Cycle 10km
  •      500m swim
  •      Nail a yoga pose

who is better than you, or just as keen to improve

You have work friends, uni friends, family friends, and now you have gym friends! Reasons to bring a mate to the gym. You can laugh at them when they look funny doing an exercise. They will push you through your last couple of reps. If you’re competitive you will perform better when they’re watching. Partner workouts will keep you sweating and laughing at the same time which is pretty much the best combination ever.

and listen to it

I have terrible knees and ankles that love roll. I will never play netball and am genuinely afraid of trampolines. This is ok. My training consists of straight-line running, and lots of stability work and strength work. Unless you’re a superhero you will not be great at everything and that’s so fine – so get to know what’s great for you and what’s not. Super easy!!


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