Sprinting Sessions

You don’t have to look hard or far to discover people’s view on running.  There  is often a fair bit of controversy on whether or not running is a very beneficial type of exercise for the human body…. So, I write this with all of the opinions in mind!

As a runner, I often get statements such as ‘Don’t you ever get bored.’  ‘You’re doing the same thing over and over again.’ Well, yes… It would be if I didn’t change up my running plan and frequently change my goals. With this in mind, I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with merging the ‘interval’ model with my running plan. Thus, you get SPRINTING. As a half marathoner sprinting is not my thing… It has definitely been a push creating a plan and sticking with it!

Alongside my gym plan I’ve created a few workout sets specific for sprinting that are targeted to better develop form, technique and speed.

Technique:  The body of specialized procedures and methods used in any specific field

The ultimate go-to treadmill workout
1 min warm up- 7kms
2 min. sprint- 12/12.5kms,  incline 1.5
1 min recover- 7kms

Repeat the same set X2 and increase kms. and incline according to your fitness level. Remember the key is to get your heart rate up and maintain it at its peak performance for 2 mins. before bringing the heart rate back down for a quick recover and getting right back into it. This workout is adjustable- I tend to either do a minimum of 20 mins. (2 sets) or 30 mins. (3 sets).

Form:  The visible shape or configuration of something

Track work
Warm up: 4 laps around the track
Move into ascending progression timed. From the start line- sprint to ¼ mark then jog all the way around back to the starting line. Continue the structure by sprinting from the start line this time to the ½ way mark, jog back around to the start line and continue on to the ¾ mark and then sprint around the entire track. Use the pyramid model by working your way up and then begin descending back down. Start with sprinting around the entire track, adjust to ¾ way, ½ way and lastly 1/4. Make sense? This will help with isolating your movements and honing in on your form.

Speed: Rate of motion or progress

On the road again

1.6-5kms for time

Pick a route that will best fit your body for being able to smash out a speedy run.
Know your route.
Don’t forget to breath.
Go for it.

By doing a timed distance run this is a great workout for combining technique, form and then adding the cherry on top- speed. Just do it! No matter your fitness level, challenging yourself will only better improve your fitness abilities and who knows you may just come to find you are a sprinter.


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